Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This is Getting Real, Son!

Note from Melissa: This blog post was originally written on 7/6/2014. 
This is happening. It's really happening! Let me update you on what has been going on in the last few months...

First of all, let me tell you about our very flexible, loosely put together plan. There are 3 main areas of "making the dream happen" that we are focusing on as of right now:
One: Decluttering and Minimalizing our home.
Two: Getting house ready to show/sell.
Three: Preparing our next temporary home (pictured above) for us to move into.

Decluttering and Minimalizing has been a slow process as of right now, because we are right smack dab in the middle of summer, and have not really been home to work on this particular part too much. So far, we have found a home for our chickens and one of our cats. We're working on finding a home for our rabbit currently. Parting with animals so far hasn't been too traumatic. I suppose once we get to the part where we need to part with one of our dogs.... that will be tough. But as of right now, everyone, kids included, is handling this part of it pretty well.

Parting with our stuff has been sometimes wonderful, sometimes emotional. I actually decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted to work on simplifying our lives a little bit and getting rid of extra clutter. We've already been doing a 2014 challenge, where you give away/sell/throw away 2,014 items throughout the year. So far, we've got over 800 items marked off the list!
Lately, it's been very good, even therapeutic, to go through things and get rid of excess. It's one of the ways that I dealt with my recent bout of severe anxiety. But for the kids, it's been a little more difficult. At first there were tears, I'm not gonna lie. But once they got started and realized that getting rid of extra toys, clothes, etc actually made their lives easier, they have actually enjoyed giving their things away. We are all making a pile of things that instead of giving away we are going to sell, and the kids are excited about the idea of making some money off of some of their things. I've been encouraging the kids to find someone special to give toys or belongings to that are a little more special to the kids, but not something they are going to need once we are in our RV. This has also made it a little easier to part with certain items.

As for getting the house ready to sell/show... we really were not planning on doing a whole lot in this regard over the summer, realizing that we'd probably have to make some good progress with the above step before we could really work on the house. Keith has been using his time off to clean up the outside. We've had the 10 acres mowed, Keith has gotten rid of a lot of the scrap materials we've had laying around, and we've smoothed out our driveway. Baby Steps! But here's the funny thing... without really trying, only sharing by word of mouth that our house is for sale, we've actually showed the house to someone! And, crazy happenstance, it was to the people that we bought our Avion from!

As you see pictured at the top of my post, we have found our temporary home! We decided on buying a good, solid, older something that we could pay cash for, then remodel and fix it up to be what we needed it to be. This way we can actually get some experience on the road, and then really know what we want in a more permanent living arrangement. We got a great deal on our Avion, and are very excited about fixing it up and making it our own! It will be smaller than what we'd like to end up in, but that's ok, I think it will make us all appreciate it even more when we do buy something bigger!

The most remarkable thing to me in this adventure so far, is how wonderfully things are coming together. And although I know that this is going to be a big and difficult adjustment, sacrifice, and transition for us, Keith and I feel at peace about it. Things will come together in God's time, and we're depending on Him to help us see the open doors when they present themselves. We've always asked God to help us in big decisions by making it obvious to us what our next step is, along with working out the details for us. And once again, He has done just that!

We're taking it a day at a time, working on our patience, but there is no doubt..... this is getting REAL, son!

~ Melissa

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